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Windows 9 is of course the new windows 9 will be an awesome upgrade to behold. Considering the previous windows, and all the abilities they possess, the new windows 9 will be what is actually expected from Microsoft. A lot has been said about the immediate previous window, which is a windows 8. There has been mixed reactions about it when it first emerged, majority of the users complained about the features it carries, especially with the fact that the normal start menu which is always by the left down corner of the screen in windows 7 was left out.

Interestingly, the good news is that windows 9 will be far better  in interface, design and contain more higher version of programs, mostly it will be more easier to operate and easy to understand unlike the windows 8. One of the things that will make windows 9 so interesting is getting back the start menu back to where is easily accessible like the window 7.

Apparently, windows 9 is going to be a delight to computer users out there in the world, based on the improvements that has been done to make it better and smarter, it boost of new features like the arrival of the cortana virtual assistant to Microsoft desktop operating system, and also changes in the user interface (UI) design and much more.  Another wonderful function of the windows 9 is that, it will contain a metro experience that makes it easy to deliver windows updates for users, with new features of the ability to run multiple virtual desktops simultaneously without having to halt or switch one for another.  With this new improvements and new update Microsoft hopes to win back the hearts of many desktop pc users who have already grown weary of the windows 8 outlook.


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