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Dropbox application is an excellent ipad application; it is not just excellent because people say it is excellent. It is excellent because of its profound abilities and specialties. Dropbox is an application which helps to synchronize documents across multiple devices without any cable connection or distance restriction. Besides its compatibility with ipad, dropbox application is a universal application that works on smartphones, iPhones, and personal computer making it possible for various file types to be previewed, stored, and sent to another device.

It is the best application that I have come across, considering the ease it have offered me in putting my files and document together, and enabling me to easily receive and send documents to another device without having to go through any stress. Dropbox gives me different options on how to organize my files, now there are so many ways I can easily get to my files.

Besides the usefulness of dropbox for office files and documents, it also enables you to organize all your photos and videos from any of your devices that has the dropbox app. You can also choose to share your photos and videos to anyone without any impediments. From your drop box you can absolutely access all your documents from all your devices such as your computers, iPhone, ipad and other smart phones. With dropbox you can always have all your documents close to you.

When you sign up for dropbox, you have 2GB of space for your document surfing, and storage. You don’t have to attach files before you can be able to send it to another person’s device, you just get the files you want to share or send, and send them, just like that. The documents and files in your dropbox will always be safe, even if something happens to your device.


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