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  • Lock Desired App.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Supports Profiles.
  • Themes.
  • Secure and Reliable.


  • Premium Upgrade Is Tricky.

These days, our smartphones have a lot of data and useful details. They are a hub of sensitive and private information and which we cannot afford to share it anyone who get access to our phone. One of the most reliable apps for protecting private data is AppLock by DoMobile Lab. This free to download app lets you lock your desired apps with one tap. Here is the app review:

AppLockEase of Use

AppLock comes with a simple interface and you can start using it by setting up a numeric lock. You can either set a password or a pattern to lock and unlock the apps. It also offers multiple profiles. This lets you create profile for a kid as well to offer him access to the games while keeping the other apps locked. You can choose to activate such profiles at certain times and locations.

Lock your Pictures

This is one of the useful features offered by AppLock. It lets you select the pictures and videos which you do not want to see in your gallery and move them to a locked folder in the app. In addition, you can also choose to lock the gallery.

AppLockLock Contacts

You can also lock contacts to ensure that no one else gets access to your private contact list. Also, one can lock SMS as well.

Lock Desired Apps

It gives you the ability to lock the apps and games you desire. You can also choose to lock the Settings, Facebook, WhatsApp and lots more. This feature really comes handy when you don’t want others to get access to your messages.

In-app Purchases

AppLock also comes with in-app purchases to offer you premium features. These include themes, fake covers, easy to change locks, ability to customize background and more. Premium membership is $0.99/month or $5.99/year.

Wrapping Up

All-in-all, AppLock is an amazing and reliable app that offers you all the features you expect it from.

All-in-all, AppLock is an amazing and reliable app that offers you all the features you expect it from. AppLock by DoMobile is Most downloaded app lock in Play Store, Now it has over 300 Million Users.

Have you used AppLock or consider using it? Let us know your experience about it in the comments!


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