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How to Improve Battery Life of Your Apple Watch?


Apple Watch is a versatile gadget that packs useful features in a small package. There are a variety of activities that can be performed on the wearable ranging from listening to music, monitoring heart rate, viewing pictures etc. These functions depend on the model or type of Apple Watch you own. Today, we share some useful tips for Apple Watch owners that help in enhancing its battery life.

Turn-off Always-On Display

For Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 6, there’s an ability to keep the display alive at all the times. If you don’t want to use always-on mode, you can turn it off and save on the battery life. Just go into the settings, then Display and Brightness and tap Always On to turn it off.

Turn off Background App Refresh

Just like iPhone, apps keep refreshing in the background on the watch as well. You can choose to turn this feature completely off or can keep only on those apps that you feel are necessary to keep refreshing.

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Disable Wake on Wrist Raise Feature

Apple Watch uses gyroscope and accelerometer to instantly turn on the display when you raise the wrist. This means that any time you raise your wrist, the display will be active. You can disable this feature when you don’t need it like watching a movie, stretching your hand etc.

Adjust Screen Brightness

If you want to get better battery life on Apple Watch, you can reduce the screen brightness. Keeping screen brightness at its maximum value impacts the battery life.

Use Power Saving Mode

Apple Watch comes with the ability to monitor your heart rate but not everyone prefers it when need to save the battery. You can activate Power saving Mode by launching Watch app on iPhone and then tap Workout.

Apple Watch Series 5

Enable Bluetooth on iPhone

Apple Watch utilizes Bluetooth LE (low energy) to connect with iPhone. When this option is disabled, Apple Watch is forced to use Wi-Fi instead which comes a lot more power.

Checking Battery Health

Apple Watch utilizes Li-ion battery and you can enabled optimized battery charging on Apple Watch to ensure that battery remain as good as it can. So, just head to Settings and then Battery Health and ensure the toggle for optimized battery charging is enabled.

Turn off Blood Oxygen Measurement

Apple Watch Series 6 has blood oxygen measurement feature. But if your battery is dying quickly, you can turn off SpO2 measurement. For this, go to Settings and then tap on Blood Oxygen. Turn off the toggle and save battery.

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Update Your Watch

Sometimes, battery drain issues come from software bugs. It is always a good idea to keep your WatchOS updated with the latest version.

Take Notifications Control

Random notification can eat up battery life of your Apple Watch. The best way is to keep the unwanted alerts at rest. Only allow notifications that are helpful to you and disallow the redundant ones.

Disable Auto-Play Message Effects

Message effects play automatically to greet you but you can take control of them and prevent them from automatically playing them. You can disable this feature to save battery life of your Apple Watch. It can also be done from iPhone as well.

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Make Use of Greyscale Mode

Using Greyscale Mode turns the entire display grey and ensures that OLED display of the Apple Watch consumes less power. This, in result, helps in increasing the battery life of the device. This well-known accessibility feature comes handy in saving life of your dying battery!

Wrapping Up

To wind up, these small tweaks and tips actually work to save on the battery life of your iOS wearable. You should use them and tell us if you feel any difference in the battery life. If you own Android Wear Smartwatch, you can also check out our useful tips on enhancing its battery as well.

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