Useful Tips on Enhancing Battery Life on Android Wear Smartwatch

Useful Tips on Enhancing Battery Life of Android Wear Smartwatch


Just like smartphone, smartwatch has also become a vital part of our daily life. We are also concerned about its battery life. Today, we share some useful tweaks and tips that help to increase the battery life of your android smartwatch. Android-based wearables come from a number of brands such as boAt, Amazfit, Garmin and more. They include a complete mobile operating system filled with features that eat up the battery life. Here’s a list of way to get some extra juice out of your favorite smart watch:

Adjusting Brightness Level

A low brightness level helps to save battery power and also protects the eyes from strains. Reduction in brightness brings a noticeable change in battery life and ensures an optimal performance. You can easily tweak the setting according to the environment and avoid drainage of battery life.

Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Smartwatch

Disabling Notifications

Notifications are one of the biggest contributing factors towards draining battery life on any android wear device. If your smartwatch is constantly syncing every email, message, text, and reminder updates; it is going to kill the battery on your watch. You can change the settings of android wear app to disable the notifications that you don’t need to show up. These unwanted notifications help to save battery life.

Gesture Control

Disable wrist gestures is also one of the ways to improve the battery life. This features automatically lights up the screen when you life the arm and turns screen towards you. On disabling the feature, it helps to increase the battery life. To turn it off, just slide over to settings and click on gestures to turn it off.

Turn off Wi-Fi Syncing

Smartwatches running Android Wear 5.1 and up have a special feature of Wi-Fi. When you connect the watch via Wi-Fi; the wearable shows you notifications even when it is not directly connected via Bluetooth. You can turn off Wi-Fi unless you really need it by tapping Wi-Fi Settings.

Amazfit GTS 2e Smartwatch

Uninstall unwanted apps

There are loads of apps available for your smartwatch but at the same time, not all are useful and used by you. You should find the ones which you never use and uninstall them. For example, a good android watch comes with its own fitness app built by the company. Also, the watch has Google Fit loaded on it as well. You can disable the other app that you don’t use so that both apps don’t keep running in the background.

Watch faces

Today, there are multiple watch faces available for the smartwatch. There are plenty of apps supporting watch faces as well. But, most of the third-party apps have a noticeable impact on the battery life.

boAt Storm Smartwatch

Disable cellular connectivity

If you have cellular connectivity in your smartwatch, you can disable it to help you extend the battery life by several hours. You can do the same by disabling the feature in Connectivity tab.

Turn off Google Assistant Voice Detection

Android Wear 2.0 allows you to listening for ‘OK Google’ command when the watch is on. You can scroll down to Personalization and tap the ‘OK Google detection’ option. Disabling this voice assistant feature helps to save a little battery juice.

Realme Watch S Smartwatch

Use Snooze

If you want to extend battery life longer, using snooze is also a good option. This option automatically buzzes for each notification. The screen won’t light up and thus, will help in saving battery power.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you find these tips useful and help in increasing the battery life of your smart watch. These small yet effective ways come handy when you are in dire need of battery. You can also share your views about the android wear smartwatch you use and its battery life.

boAt Xplorer Smartwatch

Do you find our tips helpful and are you going to use them? Let us know in the comments section below.


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