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Meet Google CallJoy – A Virtual Customer Service Agent for Small Businesses

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Google has launched a new service called CallJoy. It is a cloud-based virtual customer service agent that aims to help the small businesses. It offers call intelligence capabilities to businesses for a flat fee of $39 per month. It aims at offering better customer services and frees up employees from having to answer the phone. As the CallJoy can automatically answer a wide range of inquires, the number of incoming calls will be greatly reduced.

CallJoy is aimed at 30.2 million small business owners of US. It is a low-cost customer service agent and helps to block spam calls, provide callers with business information and redirect customers to complete their requests.

Working of CallJoy

Google CallJoy starts with a Google voice-style local phone number. When the customer calls you, CallJoy’s virtual agent will answer the call for which you can also set a custom message as well. for example, the virtual agent greet the customers and provide basic information about your business. The customer also receives an SMS text containing the URL via which the task can be done. When the customer has called via landline, the text message will be disabled. Those customers are then redirected to main business line.

Recording Calls

All calls will be recorded and transcribed for quality purposes. This makes it easy for you as owner to tag and search for conversations. The call information includes phone number, audio and transcript. The business owners can also tag the calls to run reports and get insights into their business. The online dashboard also displays call volume, peak call times, new versus returning callers and more information.

CallJoy is linked to only one location and one phone number. One can add additional locations with their own lines within the dashboard and businesses are charged per line.

Google CallJoy is available on invite-only basis and business can request for early access.


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