Neckband Headphones Buying Guide

Neckband Headphones Buying Guide

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Over the past few years, neckband headphones have become the latest trend. More and more people are being sported with neck-band headphones. You can call them neckband or behind-the-neck and collar headphones. These distinctive and modern styles of earphones are becoming the obvious choice among all music lovers and fitness enthusiasts.

The important factors behind the success of neckband headphones are the unique combination of convenience and battery life. They offer useful features that are unmatched by any other in-ear headphone design. Neckband headphones come in two varieties of in-ear and on-ear.

Neckband Headphones Buying Guide

Why are Neckband Headphones Popular?

  • Neckband Headphones come with various benefits as compared to over-ear headphones that may create pressure on the head. They are easy and comfortable to wear even for extended hours. You don’t have to worry about removing them from your neck when not in use.
  • These headphones offer you the convenience of traditional headphones without the hassle of dealing with tangled wires. They come in a variety of styles and can be used for working out at gym or heading out on long runs.
  • As the earphones do not use earcups, they allow your ears to stay cool and comfort. The neckband headphones can sit and rest around your neck when they are not in use.
  • Most of the neckband headphones utilize Bluetooth connectivity for wireless range. This lets you walk away from desk without getting being tethered to your PC.
  • Thanks to the design of neckband headphones, they come with a longer battery life than wireless headphones of similar range.

Neckband Headphones Buying Guide

While Buying Features to Look for:

  • Lightweight Design

The design of neckband headphones is created to be lightweight and convenient. You should choose the ones that are capable of offering all-day wear-ability. The buttons are rightly placed so that they are easy to reach when the phone rings. With these headphones, you are sure to enjoy easy call controls. They come in various sizes of earbuds to find your perfect fit.

  • Sound Quality

The very basic necessity of any earphones is to offer good audio quality. You should look for the ones that offer balanced audio response.

  • Active Noise Cancellation

Good noise cancellation is one of the useful features to look for in neckband headphones. Such headphones are capable of isolating noise remarkably well. This also makes them especially easy for commuting and travel. Active noise cancellation feature does an impressive job of distracting ambient noises.

Neckband Headphones Buying Guide

  • Controls

The in-line controls are a useful feature long been included in smartphones but the common problem being faced is searching for the controls in headphone cables. With neckband headphones, this generally is not a problem. They have controls placed right around the neck and are easy to reach.

  • Microphone

The earphones should have a good microphone for voice calling. You should also check if they support connection to two devices simultaneously or not. Sweat/water resistance is always a handy feature to consider.

  • Battery Life

The high-end models like Jays a-Six, Sound One X80 etc. offer an impressive battery life with up to 12 hours of playback. As compared to conventional headphones, they provide longer battery life. Some models come with fast charging feature as well.

  • Bluetooth Codec Support

Bluetooth codecs inform the path of transfer of file from source to headset. The performance has improved immensely over the period of time. For all those looking for value audio quality, should keep an eye over aptX or aptX HD support.

Neckband Headphones Buying Guide

  • Standard Wireless Or True Wireless

Though true wireless earphones are the latest fascination, but neckband style earphones are better choice for several reasons. They offer better sound, longer battery life and are difficult to lose. On the other hand, true wireless headphones are more expensive as well.

  • Price

Your budget also plays a pivotal role in selection of your purchase for neckband headphones. They come in various categories of prices ranging from Anker Soundcore Life NC to affordable ones like Realme Buds Wireless Earphones. The exciting range lets you choose according to your budget.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, neckband headphones offer an extra level of comfort in addition to high level of isolation. We hope that this compilation helps you in selecting the right neckband earphones for you. This helps you in making the right decision. You can also check out our top rated neckband style headphones that offer you great value for money.

Feel free to let us know your favorite neckband headphones in the comments section below!


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