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  • Maximum Media Size.
  • Document Formats Support.
  • Custom Chat Themes.
  • Stickers.
  • Better Privacy.


  • Competition From WhatsApp.

Few year back SMS messages were very popular and every youngster was busy on chatting with this, but when smartphone comes in a market new messengers come in a market like WhatsApp, Hike etc. and they change the market; as they have lots of features which attract young generation as well and old once too. Everybody now familiar with these apps also called applications. Today I am going to elaborate some attractive features of Hike Messenger.

First off all Hike is a free messenger as like other smartphone apps, but with hike you can also send free message to any phone even it’s a smart phone or not. It’s developed by Bharatiya brains of Bharti Softbank and become very popular recent years (Y). Bharti Softbank Softbank in a 50-50 partnership between Bharat’s Bharti Telecom and Japan’s Softbank telecom provider and the idea to make this app comes from brain of Kavin Bharti Mittal.

I must say about hike that its one day get very good popularity in Bharatiya market instant of WhatsApp; as it’s become the #1 Top Free app in the Google Play Store and at #3 Top Free apps in the Bharat Apple App Store.

Hike provides 3 ways messaging, these are:

  • An unlimited and free worldwide Hike-to-Hike messages with other phones.
  • In Bharat you can communicate with smartphone users via SMS who don’t have Hike over their phone.
  • The last but most important way is you can do SMS on non-smartphones, but beware it’s not that mean you are going to disturb someone or do unusual messages. If you did this, you must going to block by that user by a code given by Hike app team.

You can get 100 Free Hike SMS every month to message those friends who aren’t on Hike. If any of your friends join Hike by your message you can get extra 10 Free Hike SMS and also company award you with 50 Free Hike SMS per month for each friend they have invited to hike by you.

Hike-to-Hike messaging has a group chat, photo and upto 6MB video sharing. Using this app is quite simple and have very user friendly menu with a lots of cutti cutti smiles… I suggest you to that you must Hike app once.


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