Google Keep: Everything you need to Know about its Latest Features

Google Keep: Everything you need to Know about its Latest Features

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Google is now making a comeback of its note taking app with the latest updated version. Google Keep for iOS is back and includes an Apple Watch app for the first time. It offers a full-featured Google Keep experience for watchOS.

The recent update has got attention all over the media as this addition is somewhat unexpected. Google has not supported the Watch outside of its one Map app. As Apple’s own Notes app is not available for Apple Watch, Google Keep does it nicely.

What is Google Keep?

Google Keep is a popular note-taking app on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and computers. With this app, you get the ability to upload data to the cloud and sync across various devices.

Google Keep for Apple Watch

The updated version is available on all devices including Apple Watch. It works in a similar fashion with Siri. You can speak to your watch and set time-based or location-based reminders.

The company has kept it simple as offering the main screen with 10 most recent notes grouped by “Pinned” and “Others.” The Notes are beautifully presented as cards with each allowing for up to two lines of text. You can add the title and can also preview images that appear in-line with the text. You get access to dictation right from your wrist.

There’s a Force Touch on the main list to make new notes via voice, scribbling or add emojis. One can add new items via these two methods. To archive or pin a note to the top of the list, just force touch it.

The update is now available and can be downloaded from the App Store.

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