Samsung’s Foldable Phone

Everything You Need to Know about Samsung’s Foldable Phone


Breaking all the rumors, Samsung’s foldable phone could be a reality. The company has almost completed its foldable phone and could launch it later this year. Samsung has recently said that it is the time to deliver the first flexible smartphone. The Display Division of the company has developed an unbreakable smartphone panel that passed rigorous safety testing. The display showed no signs of damage even after being exposed to temperatures of 71o C and -32o C.

Samsung CEO DJ Koh even hinted that the device could be unveiled in November at Samsung Developer Conference. Koh admitted that the device had been complicated to develop. The company has been experimenting with bendable OLED displays for years. Though Koh does not drop many hints about foldable smartphone but he does admit that customers are sure to react with “wow, this is the reason Samsung made it.”

Samsung’s Foldable Phone

Samsung’s foldable phone is expected to be similar with a traditional flip phone that relies on a hinge to connect the two parts. But, the focus of Samsung is to create an actual screen that blends. This upcoming foldable phone is expected to use a single screen. This move by Samsung looks to re-establish its share in the mobile division. The South Korean company has seen fall of 20% year-on-year in the second quarter of 2018. It faces a stiff competition from Apple and Huawei.

Samsung is not the only company which is working to develop foldable phones. Lenovo is also working on bendable phones and tablets. LG recently revealed a foldable 65-inch OLED TV. Samsung’s effort to provide a foldable phone could differentiate it from its competitors and could also allow it to charge a higher price for the unique phone.

Koh also said that Samsung is changing its strategy by working to lower priced devices to appeal towards more and more people.

What do you think about Samsung’s foldable phone? Do you think it will help Samsung to gain significant share in the mobile world? Let us know your views!


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