Anker Soundcore Model Zero Wireless Speaker

Anker Soundcore Model Zero

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Anker Soundcore Model Zero Wireless Speaker

₹17,999/- ($199.99)




  • Wireless Speaker.
  • Exquisite Design.
  • Hi-Res Audio.
  • Dual Bluetooth.
  • Good Battery Life.


  • Competition From Boat, Bose and JBL.

Wireless speakers are in great trend these days. Everyone loves the flexibility and convenience offered by these speakers without requiring much space. They let you enjoy your favorite music tracks in the best way. The recent one to launch is Soundcore Model Zero by Anker. This portable speaker carries a unique and attractive design. It comes with a price tag of ₹17,999/- ($199.99) and can be purchased from Amazon. It is one of the best portable wireless speakers available and here, we get into the details.

Easy to Carry

Anker Soundcore Model Zero carries an amazing design with the top serving as a handle and lets you easily carry it around. This wireless speaker is IPX5 rated for water resistance. It weighs about 1.95 kg and is your ideal party partner. It comes in black color option only.

Anker Soundcore Model Zero Wireless Speaker

Sound Quality

This wireless speaker is Hi-Res Audio certified and the transducers are designed by Scanspeak. It has been developed to offer superior quality drivers. One of the attractive features is the multiple driver setup with combination of dedicated full-range drivers, bass radiator and tweeters. One can customize the settings on speakers via Soundcore app as well which is available for both android and iOS.

Connectivity and Battery

Anker Soundcore Model Zero wireless speaker features dual-Bluetooth technology which lets you connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously to the speaker. This Bluetooth speaker is backed by 6700mAh battery that is rated to deliver up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Anker Soundcore Model Zero Wireless Speaker

A quick look at specifications of Anker Soundcore Model Zero speaker:

Specifications Details
Type Wireless speaker
Water resistant IPX5
Connectivity Dual Bluetooth
Soundcore app Android, iOS
Battery 6700mAh
Battery life About 10 hours
Color Black
Weight 1.95 kg
Price ₹17,999/- ($199.99)
Available at logo Logo

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