Amazon Echo Flex

Amazon Echo Flex

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Amazon Echo Flex





  • Compact Design.
  • Amazing Alexa Functionalities.
  • USB Port.
  • Plug-In Design.
  • Low Price.


  • Look Could Be Better.
  • Not For High-Quality Music.

Echo Flex, Amazon’s smartest device released by the company in the recent years. This plug-in smart speaker comes with Alexa integration and supported accessories that make it a practical smart home gadget. Priced at ₹2,999/-, one can pre-order it from Amazon with shipping starting on December 10, 2019. This small and clever device is designed to bring Alexa voice control to rooms in your home. Let’s check out the details:


Echo Flex carries a compact and portable design. It includes a couple of Alexa buttons – one to trigger the assistant and another to mute the onboard mic. Then, there are two speaker grills on the lower part of front side and blue Alexa-is-listening light is on the front as well. You can simply plug it into the wall, connect to network via Alexa app and are ready to go. It also features a USB port for phone charger or night light and motion sensor modules.

Amazon Echo Flex

Alexa Functionality

Though the speakers are purely functional, music sounds coming from its 0.6-inch speaker are not for music lovers. The speakers let Alexa hear you clearly across the room. Echo Flex includes all the functionalities you expect from other Alexa devices. It is ready to playback your songs, control smart home devices, set reminders, and give news updates and lots more.

Amazon Echo Flex

A quick look at specifications of Echo Flex:

Specifications Details
Wi-Fi Yes, dual band Wi-Fi
USB USB-A port
Speaker size 0.6-inch mini speaker
Controls smart home devices Yes
Alexa calling Yes
Mic Yes
Size 72 * 67 * 52 mm
Weight 150 grams
Price ₹2,999/-
Available at logo

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NASH (From the Coolsmart Wifi fan) are proposing a specially made Clip-On speaker for the ALEXA FLEX to give the FLEX real sound. The project can be backed on Indiegogo and will be made available if 500 people back them:


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