UE Roll 2

UE Roll 2

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UE Roll 2





  • Waterproof.
  • Improved Sound.
  • Enhanced Wireless Range.
  • Drop Proof.
  • Compact and Portable.


  • Lacks Deep Bass.

361-6-ue-roll-2UR Roll 2 by Ultimate Ears is one of the best wireless mobile speakers available in the market today. It is priced at ₹8,495/- and is the successor to the first UE Roll 2. The company says that these new speakers offer 15 percent more sound when compared with the predecessor and also come with an increased wireless range of 100 feet.


UE Roll 2As far as the design is concerned, the UE Roll 2 features a similar disk shaped design as that of UE Roll. It is a portable, convenient and on-the-go speaker for the family. This portable speaker comes with a cord loop that allows you to hang it in the  shower, attach it to your bike or backpack and more. You can take it anywhere. Also, the speaker is waterproof (1PX7 certified) and drop proof as well. It has been designed to withstand any conditions.

Sound Quality

361-4-ue-roll-2With UE Roll 2, the company packs in more sound and that too without adding an extra size or bulk. It has 15 percent more sound than predecessor. The maximum sound level is rated at 85dBa with a frequency range of 108Hz to 20kHz. The speakers include a 2-inch driver and two tweeters. In addition to improved sound, the wireless range of the speaker has also been improved.

The company offers UE Roll 2 in a variety of color choices such as Volcano, Atmosphere, Sugarplum and Habanero. As the wireless speaker is waterproof and drop proof, you can use it at any place without any hassles. It comes with a UE Floatie and becomes your companion in the pool party as well.


A quick look at specifications of UE Roll 2:

Specifications Details
Manufacturer Logitech
Frequency Response 108Hz to 20kHz
Connectivity Wired, wireless
Output Level 86 dB
Battery Rechargeable, lithium-ion
Waterproof Yes, IPX7
Driver type Tweeter driver, woofer driver
Colors Volcano, Atmosphere, Sugarplum and Habanero
Price ₹8,495/-
Available at amazon.in


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