Gmail Smart Compose Feature

Gmail Smart Compose Feature is rolling out to all Android Devices

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Gmail is email program by Google utilized for personal and work purposes across the globe. Gmail is one of the widely used apps and comes with various convenient features. It is continuously being updated with new features and improvements. Gmail’s Smart Compose Feature was first launched exclusively for Pixel 3 phones and now, is rolling out to all android devices.

What is Gmail Smart Compose feature?

Smart Compose on Gmail predicts suggestion to draft mails based on user writing patterns and commonly used phrases. This feature began as an experimental feature on desktop; then was added to G Suite accounts. It was later considered as Pixel exclusive but now, it is changing.

How to use Smart Compose Feature?

On updating your Gmail app to the latest version, you will see a pop-up explaining what the feature is when you start typing an email. When you have written a few words, you will also get the suggestion. You just need to simply swipe on the text to accept the suggestion or can choose to continue typing if you don’t want to accept the suggestion and continue with their writing.

Gmail Smart Compose Feature

How to Disable Smart Compose Feature?

The feature comes auto-enabled and one can choose to turn it off according to their will. By going to your Gmail settings, opening the account where you want it disabled and ticking off the Smart Compose box. As of now, Smart Compose feature is not available for iPhone version of Gmail.

Gmail Smart Compose Feature

Are you excited about this new feature by Gmail? Give it a try and let us know how you feel about it in the comments section below.


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