Best Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor You Can Buy

Best Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor You Can Buy

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Fitness Tracker trackers do lot more than just basic step-counters. They focus on providing 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking and also help to detect health problems.

The choice of fitness band is based on the individual needs. Here, we have picked our top fitness tracker with heart rate monitor you need to look out for.

1. Apple Watch Series 3Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 tops our compilation of the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor.  It includes smart activity coaching features and has built-in altimeter as well. It is a powerful health tool for all your fitness needs. The heart rate app helps you to keep a check on your resting, walking and workout recovery heart rate. Apple Watch Series 3 includes a number of third-party health apps as well.

Pros: Lightweight; Customizable Faces; App Notifications; Fast Processor; Special Nike Edition.

Cons: Pricey; Tough Competition.

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2. Garmin VivosportGarmin Vivosport

Garmin Vivosport is a stylish fitness band with an all-touch design. It is your perfect step tracker that saves your money and offers you amazing features like the expensive ones. It utilizes the built-in GPS to accurately track the activities. In addition, the fitness monitoring tools such as VO2 max and fitness age estimates helps one to get accurate analysis.

Pros: Built-in GPS; Colorful Screen; Slim Design; Heart Rate Monitoring; Good Battery Life.

Cons: Small Display.

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3. Samsung Gear Fit 2 ProSamsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is a beautiful wearable with fitness-centric apps preinstalled. It features a clear and responsive display and has amazing health and fitness system to track activity, sleep and fitness. Whether you are playing tennis, basketball or any other game, it automatically detects and logs your activities. It comes with the feature of continuous heart rate monitoring.

Pros: Water Resistant; Good Tracking Features; Built-In GPS; Wireless Charging; Bright Display.

Cons: Fierce Competition.

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4. Garmin Vivoactive 3Garmin Vivoactive 3

Garmin Vivoactive 3 comes with heart rate sensor, GPS tracking features in addition to various built-in apps.  This GPS multisport device is among top fitness tracker with heart rate monitor. It comes with a complete range of sensors such as wrist based optical heart rate monitor, compass, accelerometer, barometric altimeter and thermometer.

Pros: Garmin Pay; Preloaded Apps; Commendable Battery Life; Good Tracking Features; GPS Enabled.

Cons: Fierce Competition.

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5. Fitbit Alta HRFitbit Alta HR

When you are looking for a stylish designed tracker with good battery life, Consider purchasing Fitbit Alta HR. It comes with useful fitness and heart rate tracking features. The tracker features narrow monochrome LED to display notifications for incoming calls, text messages and calendar alerts. The heart rate sensor offers you heart rate analysis at every 5-second interval throughout the day.

Pros: Commendable Sleep Monitoring; Automatic Heart Rate Monitoring; Notifications; Ease Of Use; Good Design.

Cons: Pricey.

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6. Huawei Watch 2Huawei Watch 2

It is a user-friendly smartwatch with loads of features and functionalities. It features a sporty and rugged design and is comfortable to wear. For all those who want to stay connected when away from handset, the smartwatch makes a good purchase. The tracker is capable of doing finest job when it comes to tracking and monitoring activities.

Pros: Good Processor; Android Wear 2.0; Battery Life Is Good; Voice Instruction Support; Accurate Tracking.

Cons: Tough Competition.

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7. Garmin Vivosmart 3Garmin Vivosmart 3

Garmin Vivosmart 3 offers useful features in a lightweight and comfortable to wear wristband. It does a commendable job of capturing data including swimming distance, stroke type, count and more. You can conveniently wear in the pool. It also shows the intensity of your workouts and tracks your steps. Garmin Connect app lets you navigate through the data more effectively.

Pros: Auto Activity Tracking; Smart Notifications; Heart Rate Technology; Display Stress Levels; Value For Money.

Cons: No GPS; No Wi-Fi.

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8. Fitbit Charge 2Fitbit Charge 2

Last but not the least, here we include Fitbit Charge 2 in our compilation of the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor. This heart rate and fitness wristband tracks your activities, sleep, heart rate and more and shows real-time statistics on a clear display. The personalized fitness score is another plus. It uses the connected GPS to show accurate statistics.

Pros: Good Battery Life; Gorgeous Design; Accurate Tracking; Lightweight; Good Compatibility.

Cons: Expensive.

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Do you have more suggestions to include in our list of top fitness tracker with heart rate? Let us know about them in the comments section below.


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