#Banggood 13th Anniversary

Banggood 13th Anniversary: Save Tons With Our $10000 Bonuses


Since its beginning in 2006, Banggood has been engaged in offering online shopping with a more human touch to the world. With the jointed efforts of Banggood staff, it has become one of the most important International E-commerce providers of China with its best quality products and the most professional customer service. As its 13th-anniversary approaches, Banggood is going to launch a grand celebration for its 13th birthday. It is called #Banggood 13th anniversary sale which will be held from August 27th till September 18th, encompassing a series of great discounts, coupons, and funny giveaway games.

This month-long event happens at the same time every year with the goal of sharing the happiness of Banggood’s birthday with people around the globe but the way we celebrate every year is always different and is always getting better. And there is no exception for the Banggood 13th anniversary.

The Latest Discounting Methods and The Highest Discount Rate: $10000 Bonuses or Any Other Bigger Discounts?

One of the most important upgrades is the comprehensive upgrade on the discounting methods and discount rates, which is also what you pay more attention to. Every year, Banggood will offer its customers big discounts and coupons by the new discounting methods, which aims to enhance the interaction between you and Banggood so people can shop with fun. The discounting methods of its 13th anniversary have been created and upgraded based on the previous ones to increase the interaction among you, your friends and Banggood. This is important to Banggood so they can provide you with the best shopping service. Besides, the discount rate will be lifted to an unprecedented high level so that you save more. One of the events will be a giveaway game called “Team and Win: To share $10000 bonuses”. In this game, the users can invite their friends to join their team to win bonuses. The more people join your team, the more possibly you can win more bonuses. The top winner can win $5000 bonuses. Apart from it, new users benefits will grow to the biggest ones compared to the previous ones. If you register to be the new users during the anniversary sale, $200 off coupon pack will be available for you. More big coupons, discounts and flash deals for hot sale products from top brands will be shown to you. Not to mention, you can buy a smartphone only at only $ 0.01. So, are the discounts you currently have the best ones for you? Or will there be any better discounts in the sale? The answer will be shown once the Banggood 13th anniversary begins. So please keep eye on our site where any update about the sale will be available for you as soon as it happens.

Comprehensive Upgrade on UI Design to Make Shopping More Convenient

For the coming Banggood 13th anniversary, all the settings and page design of Banggood site will be upgraded to make sure that we provide you with one of the best shopping experience for you. Besides these great changes made on Banggood app for its 13th-anniversary sale. According to Banggood app research team, they will change the traditional user interface design by adding some new elements of Banggood 13 anniversary. All the graphics, buttons, navigation, typography and color has been upgraded to the lastest Banggood featured design to make it perfectly match to the Banggood 13th anniversary and provide you with the best online shopping experience both in visual effect and user experience.

Branding Upgrades and Fashion Category Creation to Promise Your The Best Shopping Experience.

Banggood 13th  anniversary focuses more on branding upgrade and category creation to offer the best online shopping experience.  For one thing, Banggood ’s Partner Brands like BlitzWolf, Bakeey, Digoo, Eachine, and Geekcreit are popular among the customers in the world with their high quality and the exclusive lowest price offered to their customers. They will join hand to make a comprehensive upgrade on their products quality and branding image on the coming Banggood anniversary sale. For example, Eachine that is one of the biggest partner brands of Banggood preferred by 860,000 users in the world will take the lead to make upgrades ranging from pre-sale service to after-sale service, to offer the much more professional service to you. Once the Banggood anniversary sale begins, all the Banggood partner brand pages will be upgraded. More than that, the discounts and coupons from these brands will be set up to the highest level to provide you the best benefits for you. To improve and make their branding image deep into you, they will pay more attention to the packing to make sure that the product can be delivered to you well. For another, Banggood will put great efforts on fashion category creation. A series of best-valued brands of Men and women clothing, lingerie, shoe, and bag delivers not just high quality latest fashion items but also humanized service and affordable luxury experience on the package, shipping, and after-sale service.

Banggood 13th Anniversary sale is coming now with the comprehensive upgrades. Want an opportunity for you to bring all your shopping fantasies with the least money? Want to be our distinguished guest to enjoy thee comprehensive upgrading shopping experience offered by Bangood? If you do, We satisfy all for you. Please remember it is on August 27th, 2019 when the anniversary will begin. Do not miss it. Please visit Banggood site now and have fun on the Banggood 13th anniversary.


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