Banggood 11.11 Shopping Festival 2019: $100000 Gifts To Win!


Banggood is the fourth online shopping giant in China that is devoted to providing you with the best online shopping service since its establishment. As the Double eleven festival approaches, Banggood is going to launching a big promotion called “Banggood 11.11 Shopping Festival 2019”. It is worth to notice that big discounts, big coupons, gifts, and the best deals of the sale will be available for you during this time. But how can you make full use of these offers to become the biggest winner in this event? All that you can do is to view the shopping guide we offer following here. Check here to know more:

Firstly, the most important thing we should do is to clearly outline the schedule for you to follow. Officially, Banggood 11.11 Shopping Festival 2019 will be scheduled into three stages, which includes the Preview Stage (20th to 30th October 2019) the Warm Up stage (30th October to 10th November 2019) and the Blowout Stage (10th and 11th November 2019). During the warming up stage, most discounts will be released for you to enjoy. At this time, it is a good time for you to browse our products and finish your shopping list and you can also begin to order some products  because you can enjoy some product deals that have been available during the warm-up stage. On top of saving money, you may also be lucky enough to get a gift too. When the blowout sale arrives, the biggest discounted offers will be available for you, so we advice you to pay attention to it these time so you don’t you miss out.

Secondly, it is vital that you know the most important discounts and the tricks on how to make full use of them. To help you save more in the Sale, we have picked up some key discounting information for you and we also introduce you some tricks to let you benefit more from the Sale with these discounts.

Order and Share $1000000 Gifts

The first discount information that you should focus on is the $1000000 gifts that will be available for you. It is worth to notice that in this activity, the gifts are mostly from top valued brands on Banggood like Xiaomi and Blitzwolf. For example, you may be lucky enough to win Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 and Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE. Those who place an order during the warm-up period will have a chance to win a gift but you should remember that only the first 100 orders will be qualified to win a gift. So to seize the chance now and the most important thing you should do to get involved is to browse the products you want and add them to your shopping cart. Please remember to finish filling in your address and personal details. Once the warm-up sale begins, you just need to place the order and then you will win the gift. To mention again, the sale will begin at 10 am on 30th October 2019 based on Bejing time. So do not miss you chance to get involved.

One Cent Snatch

Besides our $1000000 of gifts, the One Cent Snatch is also something to notice. Here you can have a chance to buy a product at $0.01. During the Double Eleven shopping festival, more high-performance products will be available. For example, UMIDIGI A5 Pro and Blitzwolf® BW-FYE5 are offered and during the blowout sale, more amazing products will also go in the activity.  To participate, you can purchase the product by clicking the product and finish the payment. After completing payment, follow the prompts to invite a friend to join your team. Only when enough of your friends join before the countdown ends will the team be eligible for the lucky draw. Winning results will be available within 1 hour after the event ends. We should remind you that each person can only open and participate in one group. If the purchase fails due to insufficient stock, the order will be refunded to the BGpay account. For more details about this, please check here.

Reserve First To Get Rock Bottom Price

Do you want a new products at bottom prices? If you do, you should not miss the activity “Reserve First To Get Rock Bottom Price”. Here comes not only good products but also amazing discounts. For example:

The Redmi Note 8 Pro that process an overall robust smartphone with great camera hardware and a modest IPS display can be available at great discounts

Skyzone SKY03S that comes with ergonomic design can calibrate the voltage readings of the goggles. If you click the product to reserve it before the blowout sale, you will be given a 13.04% saving off the item.

Please remember that once the warm-up sale begins, you can enter the promotion page in which you can, click the desired products. Only 6 products can be available for each ID. And you will be given a specific big discount to buy them in the blowout sale.

Brand Fest Deal

To make a comprehensive brand upgrade, Banggood will concentrate more on brand development and brand sale during the Banggood 11.11 Shopping Festival 2019. So there is no doubt that the best product deals and the best coupons are sure to be available for you. Once the Sale begins, the big-discount product deals from Banggood partner brands like Hubsan, OnePlus, and Artillery, will be offered for you. Surprisingly, some of them will go at a high discount of 57% off the item. Not to mention, they may be given a greater discount during the blowout sale stage. For example,

Artillery® Sidewinder X1 3D Printer Kit comes with standard building volume and stable performance so it can promise you the best 3D printing experience. What an awesome product is usually priced at $709.99, but during this time it will be available for only $399 in the Warm-Up sale.

OnePlus 7 that comes at a snapdragon 855 and a great capacity with ether 8G or 256G can certainly satisfy you with the best game-playing experience. Amazingly, this phone will be offered at $419.99 in the Warm-Up Sale of the Double Eleven Shopping Festival.

Apart from the big discount offers, here you can also get a series of big coupons (eg. 50% off) to buy the brand product you want. For example, Xiaomi FREETIE Sneakers that is a good combination of fashion and sports can not only make you look stylish but also let you enjoy doing sports. With the 50% off coupon, you can get them for only $69.99. Besides the coupon deals, the brand products which are offered at $11.11 are also available. So do not miss the Brand Fest deal in which you may get a great surprise here.

New Season Trending Fashion Deals

Autumn &Winter Season is coming soon. It is time to prepare clothing and some fashion electronics and accessories for you and your family. And here comes the good news that a great promotion and upgrade plan for fashion product deals has been made for you to speed up the process of fashion category. In this part, the price break discounts deal deserves more of your attention because here you can not only buy a product at a discounted price but you can also enjoy the extra discounts including 20-6, 30 – 12 and 40-20, not to mention that lots of products offered here are very attractive for you. For example. Bakeey G20 Smartwatch, TWO-SIDED men hooded sweatshirt and Xiaovv Q6S home security camera are available. During the warm-up period, the more you buy, the more you save.

What’s more, you may be also lucky enough to win a gift because here 600 Gifts will be available for you. Worth to notice, gifts like Minleaf ML-ES1 electric razor and OUKITEL W5 smartwatch will be offered. And you should know clearly that different order amount may win a different gift. For example, if your order amount is more than $39, you will have a chance to get a smartwatch. So if you want the gift that you want, you should buy accordingly. For more details about the activity, please check here.

And if you want some products that sold at the bottom price, you should not miss the Flash Deals offered by Banggood partner brands like KCASA, SOOCAS, and XANES. Here you can get a cost-efficient product. However, they are come with limited time and limited amounts. So you should remember it is 10 am of October, 3oth, 2019 when it will begin. Do not miss it.

Banggood 11.11 Shopping Festival is coming soon. Do not miss this enticing offer. It is time for you to bring all your shopping fantasies into reality. And to remind you warmly, there are many more discounts offered in the Banggood double 11 shopping festival besides what we mentioned above. And as the blowout sale approaches, much more big discounts will be released. For more latest information about the Sale, please check here to visit the Banggood site now.


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