3 Best-Proven Ways to transfer Videos on iPhone3 Best-Proven Ways to transfer Videos on iPhone

3 Best-Proven Ways to transfer Videos on iPhone


Yes, we probably have a batch of video files on our laptop or PC that we normally want to import on our iPhones. But, unluckily, the entire process of transferring media files looks daunting if we don’t have a proper idea for a particular procedure. Apart from that, if you have WBEM (WEB-Media) video file and you want to stream it on your iPhone, then conversion takes place prior. You just have to get an online WEBM to MP4 converter that is designed to convert WEBM to MP4 for iPhone user ease.

However, unlike Android devices, the iPhone does not allow its users to straightforwardly connect their PC’s USB port and begin dragging & dropping media into its storage. Well, don’t fret more as we listed the best ways that assist you to import videos onto your iPhone for offline streaming.

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Get iTunes:

Well, iTunes is a well-known source of transferring music, photos, videos, and different other media files to your iPhone. After all, it’s a great solution by Apple. Moreover, you could visit theonlineconverter.com that to attain a free WEBM to MP4 converter that helps to turn WEBM into MP4 (MPEG4) file format. Also, this site provides you with different video converters that resolve video format incompatibility issues with converting files. Well, read on to know how iTunes assists you with your media files:

  • At the start, you need to connect your iPhone to your PC by using a Lightning-to-USB cable
  • Then, you ought to launch iTunes on your PC
  • Now, simply navigate to File > Add to Library or File, and then Add Folder to Library
  • Very next, you need to simply locate the video that you need (or even a folder of videos) and then make a click on Open. Now, you can see that your video files become part of your iTunes library
  • Then, you need to tap on iPhone > Movies
  • Now, check or Tick the Sync Movies checkbox
  • Finally, you ought to choose the video files that you just imported to your iTunes library and make an instant press on Apply/Sync. Congrats, now all the selected videos are on your iPhone

Besides that, you could make use of an online WEBM to MP4 converter if your iPhone is not streaming WEBM video even with a third-party player. And, if you want to preserve video quality while converting WEBM into MP4, then seek for free and best WEBM to MP4 converter that works with lossless quality.

Third-Party App:

No doubt that using a third-party iPhone file transfer app is indicated as the simplest and fastest method for PC (Windows) users. You could explore innumerable iPhone file transfer software solutions out there, but Walter Pro is the Expert’s choice. Bear in mind that both WEBM and MP4 video formats are ideal for video streaming, but when it comes to iPhone, you typically required a universal video format like MP4. Thus, iPhone users often get a free version of online WEBM to MP4 converter to convert WEBM video to Mp4 file without losing quality.

Additionally, WALTR Pro applications provide you with the best features and even are far more intuitive than using iTunes. Once you installed this app on your PC, you just have to stick with these simple steps:

  • Commence with launching WALTR Pro
  • Now, you simply need to connect your iPhone to your PC using USB or consider (wireless transfer over Wi-Fi)
  • You could now just need to locate and drag the video file that you want to transfer to the iPhone, or simply press on the ‘Select Files…’ and then pick your file from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder
  • Now, you have to wait for this pro application to do its thing and simply upload the file to your phone
  • Finally, things have gone simple

And, the upside about this application is that it does a lot of things at the backend. If the video file format is packed in an unsupported file format, it converts it within seconds. Also, this app automatically adds artwork and metadata like genre and episode descriptions to keep things organized. And, if you have WEBM and its seemed unsupported format for iPhone, then it’s time to consider an online WEBM to MP4 converter to save WEBM as MP4 file.

Using Airdrop:

Now, you can be able to put videos on their iPhone by using the awesome Airdrop features. Follow these to know how you can do it easily:

  • From your Mac, you have to open your Finder
  • Then, on the given left sidebar, simply locate Airdrop. Apart from that, you could Choose to Go > AirDrop from the given menu bar in the Finder
  • Turn the Bluetooth on (if it is not already on)
  • Now, you see that your iPhone is one of the nearby devices. Also, you should have to makes you that your iPhone has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on
  • Finally, make a drag and drop for video files to your iPhone device

Well, if your preference comes with WEB Media files to MP4 conversions, then look for an online WEBM to MP4 converter that provides a drag & drops feature to convert WEBM to MP4 with ease.

Remember that the Airdropped files are automatically handled by a program that can open the file on your iPhone. Also, if your video file is packed with a format that can’t be handled by any of your iPhone apps, then you can’t transfer the video. Suppose that if you have WEBM format and it’s not supported by any iPhone app, then simply use WEBM to MP4 converter to convert it more compatible format like MP4.


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