Sony Wena Smart Straps

Turn Your Traditional Watch to Smartwatch with Sony Wena Smart Straps


Now, here’s a great opportunity for you to turn your traditional watch into a smart one. In case, you you want to transform your grandfather’s watch into a smartwatch, here comes the golden opportunity. Sony has introduced smart straps called Sony Wena Straps that can be worn along with the regular watch.  Wena stands for Wear Electronics Naturally and is a brand born out of Sony’s Seed Acceleration Program.

One can combine these straps with a range of different watch faces. They come in two variants: Wena Wrist Active and Wena Wrist Pro.

Sony Wena Smart Straps

Wena Wrist Active

Wrist Active strap offers a natural fit to the traditional watch faces. It comes in silver and black 20mm brand with additional 18 and 22mm lugs to clip on. It features compact OLED display that comes with high visibility and offers you all the information you require. The double-buckle structure keeps the heart rate sensor in place and the 2mm strap-hole space ensures perfect fit.

Wena Active is the budget variant of the two and is more focused towards fitness. It is made of silicone and includes heart rate sensor as well. The strap has GPS and is 20mm wide. It features all statistics on the display and has a quick release system to assist user to remove the head while sleeping or during workouts. It comes in black color. The straps are water resistant and these can work normally even under 50 meters deep water. In terms of battery life, it offers up to a full week of usage.

Sony Wena Smart Straps

Wena Wrist Pro

Wena Wrist Pro is more fancy looking with its metal strap than Wena Active. It offers you notifications, counts steps and also features contactless payments. For all those who wear luxury traditional watches, this strap is a good alternative and makes it a hybrid smartwatch. Wena Pro comes in two colors; Silver and Black. You can easily track your activities on a single device and get ready to bid adieu to separate watch and smart band.

Sony Wena Smart Straps

Common Features

The common features of both straps include support for contactless payments. The company has partnered with Mastercard, Wirecard and NXP for Sony Wena Pay platform. These straps can easily be synced with mobile app and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can easily get notifications for smartphone calls, apps and texts right on your smart band. In addition, one can check battery level, steps taken and e-money balance as well. Wena App lets you customize your notifications, review activity logs and more via Bluetooth.

Sony Wena Smart Straps

A quick look at specifications of Wena Wrist Active and Wena Wrist Pro:

Specifications Wrist Active Wrist Pro
Type Smart band Smart band
Weight 40.5 grams 84.9 grams
Bluetooth Yes, 4.2 Yes, 4.2
Band Width Display part: 20mm

Head part: 22mm

Display part: 20mm

Head part: 22mm

Sensors Acceleration


Heart rate



Battery life One week One week
Battery charge time 1.5 hours 1.5 hours
Material Silicon rubber SUS316L
Supported OS Android 5.0 and above

iOS 8.0 and above

Android 5.0 and above

iOS 8.0 and above

Price £349.00 £399.00
Available at amazon UK Logo amazon UK Logo

Are you impressed with the features of Sony Wena Smart straps? What are your thoughts about these straps that cost for the price of Apple Watch? Share with us in the comments section below.


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