Infinix Fitness Band 5 Vs Realme Smart Band

Infinix Fitness Band 5 Vs Realme Smart Band

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Fitness smart bands are becoming popular with time. These days moderately limited brands are introducing their wearable smartwatch as fitness trackers are getting widespread for all good reasons. These health wearables can not only support in tracking your everyday outdoor activities but also act as a buddy to your cell phone. Infinix is the newest brand ogling the wearable space. The firm is aiming for those who want to keep a record of their fitness and health on a ground level while also offering some cool features. Infinix fitness band 5 is already released on 27th November 2019 with a price of $24 (₹1,799/-).

Chinese smartphone producer Realme has presented first fitness band on March 5 with a price of $20 (₹1,499/-).

We have discussed Infinix Fitness Band 5 and Realme Smart Band in much detail. So if you are planning to buy one of these bands, it will be easy for you to select.


Infinix Fitness Band 5 box contains Fitness Band, USB Cable, User Manual, and Warranty Card.

Whereas Realme Smart Band box contains Fitness Band, User Manual, and Warranty Card.


Infinix Fitness Band 5 has an additional USB cable in the box.

Activity Tracker

Infinix fitness band 5’s activity tracker comprises heart rate, calorie intake/burned, sleep quality, steps taken and how many hours you’ve slept.

Whereas Realme smart band activity tracker has calories intake and calories burned, time of activity and inactivity, distance traveled, quality of sleep, active minutes, heart rate and steps are taken.


Realme smart band offers you some extra features like time of activity/inactivity and distance traveled.

Design and Display

The design of both devices is almost the same. Both have a touch interface, offer regular and flat shaped surfaces and the option of changeable straps is not available. However, Infinix fitness band 5 is a bit heavier and weighs 23 grams whereas the Realme smart band is 20 grams in weight. Infinix fitness band 5 is offered in black, blue and red colors and Realme smart band is available in black, green and yellow colors.

The display is also the same with a screen size of 0.96 inches, screen resolution of 160 * 80 pixels and pixel sharpness density is 186 ppi. The only thing differs is the display technology, Infinix band 5 has TFT whereas the Realme band uses LCD technology.


Both devices are almost the same in design and display.

Additional Features

Realme smart band offers the following features:

  • It is water-resistant with up to 1.5m depth.
  • Water-resistance is IP Certified IP68.
  • It notifies incoming calls and messages.
  • You can also receive calls through it.
  • It also notifies messages from WhatsApp, email, Facebook and many others.
  • Some extra features are yoga mode, run mode, spinning mode, cricket mode, walk mode, fitness mode, hiking mode, climbing mode, bike mode.
  • The remainder feature is also available.

Infinix fitness band 5 offers the following features:

  • It is water-resistant up to 1m.
  • Water-resistance is IP Certified IP67.
  • It is having an alarm clock, timer, and reminder.
  • You can control camera shutter through this band.
  • Notifies incoming calls and text messages.


Realme band offers more features as compared to Infinix fitness band 5.

Compatibility and Battery

Realme band’s compatible OS is Android v5.0, whereas Infinix smart band 5’s OS is compatible with Android v4.4 and iOS.

Both smart bands are charged via USB. Infinix band 5’s battery lasts up to 7 days and charging time is up to 2.5 hours. Realme smart band’s battery life is as long as up to 10 days and takes almost 2 hours to completely charge it.


Infinix band 5 wins in compatibility and Realme smart band gains extra points in battery perspective.


Both devices are extremely good, it is very hard for us to defend only one. If your budget is low you can go for Realme smart band. It is not only cheap but also provides many additional features that are absent in Infinix smart band 5. Along with many extra features, it has a long battery life. Infinix fitness band 5 is no less than Realme band, Infinix packs USB cable in the box and it is compatible with both Android and iOS. Both devices are almost the same in design and display.


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