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What is DRM?

DRM is Digital Right Management and involves set of access control codes to restrict users from getting access to proprietary hardware and copyright content. DRM brings inconvenience to users who have legally purchased the content and want to enjoy it on multiple devices. Though iTunes Movies/TV Shows/Extras are all encrypted by Apple’s FairPlay Digital Right Management but still becomes trouble for those who have purchased the movies legally and want to enjoy them on more devices. Here comes the need for DRmare M4V Converter, the best M4V converter that provides permanent conversion and removal of DRM.

DRM Removal

When you are looking for the best software for converting files easily in Mac by removing DRM, DRmare M4V Converter is the best choice. It allows you to convert and output to DRM-free MP4. Though there are many DRM removal tools available today, but the features offered by DRmare M4V Converter gives it an edge over its competitors and it is considered as the best M4V converter. Here, we get into the details.

Key Features:

Ease of Use

The interface is user-friendly and easy to use. It effortlessly makes conversions and boasts 100% perseveration of the original quality of all audio tracks. It comes with support for multiple input formats.

Remove Any DRM

DRM M4V Converter removes DRM from iTunes movie rentals and purchases. The software also lets you convert non-DRM and DRM videos and audios to different formats. It comes with an easy interface and lets you remove DRM from M4V from the videos in a legal way.

Fast Speed

DRmare M4V Converter is known for offering ultra fast speed in conversion or removal of DRM. Also, the quality of media files is not affected by its super fast speed rate.  It is also capable of converting your videos in the batch by just dragging them and starting the batch conversion process.

Supported Formats

The Mac version of the software supports as many formats as you think of including HD MP4, MOV, TRP, TS, MPG, AVI, MP3 and MKV. On the other hand, Windows version supports only MP4 and MV4 output.

Downloading and Installing DRmare M4V Converter:

  1. Visit the official website and download the free trial. You can also choose to directly purchase it and get your license.DRmare M4V Converter
  2. Now, accept the required license agreement and save it to the location you want.DRmare M4V Converter
  3. Click install and software will start downloading.DRmare M4V Converter
  4. Click Finish and launch DRmare M4V Converter.DRmare M4V Converter

That’s it! You are all set to use DRmare M4V Converter.

How to Convert DRM M4V to MP4?

  1. Launch DRmare M4V Converter.DRmare M4V Converter
  2. You can choose the drag and drop option or can select the file via Add Files button.DRmare M4V Converter
  3. Now, a screen appears showing you the options to adjust the settings of output videos such as output format, folder etc.DRmare M4V Converter
  4. Click on the Convert button.DRmare M4V Converter
  5. The file will start converting and the progress can be monitored via blue progress bar.DRmare M4V Converter
  6. You will then see the converted videos on Converted button.DRmare M4V Converter
  7. Click on that button and here comes the list of the files that have been successfully converted.DRmare M4V Converter

You can now freely enjoy your favorite tracks as the DRM protection has been removed.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, DRmare M4V Converter offers you the ideal way to remove DRM from M4V from your iTunes. For all those who regularly use iTunes videos and music, it makes a perfect choice. Though the software comes with a price tag of $44.95, you can give it a try by downloading the free trial.

Download this best M4V Converter today and let us know how you feel about it in the comments section below.


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