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Banggood Black Friday Sale 2019: To Carve Up $300000 Cash Back


With the Black Friday approaching, loads of online retailers have either announced or launched their Black Friday sale. Banggood, one of the most important International e-commerce retailers, is going to launch the #BanggoodBlackFriday2019 which will run from November 12th till November 30th. The Banggood Black Friday Sale 2019 will feature an insane variety of big discounts, great coupons and giveaway games which can help you buy more and save more in the Sale. Among them, $300000 cashback and $1000000 Bonuses must deserve your attention the most. Now, there is only one day left before the Banggood Black Friday Sale 2019 will arrive. No worries. We have already collected all the deals and sale offered by Banggood Black Friday Sale for all of you. And to help you benefit more from the sale, we have been cherry-picking the best stuff for you and offer you the shopping guide in which you can know clearly when the biggest discounts and savings will happen and how to make full use of them to become the top winner of the Sale. Now, let unveiled it for you.

To help you make full use of this golden chance to satisfy all of your shopping fantasies, we will tell you the detailed schedule about the Sale for you. Officially, Banggood Black Friday Sale will be scheduled into two stages including warm-up stage (November 12th to November 27th) and blowout stage (November 27th to November 30th). The warming up sale will happen with bunches of big discounts and coupons so from then on you can begin to browse according to your shopping wish-list and you can also order some of the products because actually most of the items have been given a big discount during the warm-up sale. It is worth noticing that all of the items on Banggood will be given 50% off on November 22th, which will be the biggest discount offering available during the warm-up sale. It is wise for you to use this golden time to shop what you want from the warm-up sale. And as the blowout sale comes closer, more biggest discounts will leak to you. So do not miss it.

To Carve Up $300000 Cash Back

As it is expected, Banggood will surprise you with the crazy discounting benefits. The first best deal that you cannot miss is “To Carve Up $300000 Cash Back”. The great news is that almost everyone can be able to get early access to this benefit because once your order is amount to $60 and it is paid through PayPal or Credit during the blowout sale, you can get cashback. How much cashback you can get is randomly determined. First come and first serve. So do not miss it. For more information about the $300000 Cash Back, please check here.

Team up & Earn Stars Share $1000000 Bonuses

Good things always come in pairs. To provide you more benefits during the Black Friday Sale, Banggood provides you the second great discounting offer by launching a massive interaction promotion game called “Team up & Earn Stars to Share $1000000 Bonuses. The game features $1000000 which all of you can carve up by teaming up with your friends. Starting from November 12th and end on November 30th, it will include two rounds. When the time of every round is out, there will be lucky draws in which you can win coupons, star cards, and gifts. The coupons and gifts for the first round will go much richer than what you can imagine. For example, 30% off coupons and the gifts like Eachine EV800D FPV Goggles (that is valued at $129.99) and Blitzwolf BW-FYE7 Earphone(that is valued at US$49.99) will be offered here. Not to mention, the $1000000 Bonuses will be carved up by all of you. So, join us now.

To involve in the game, you can create your team by sharing your invitation link through which your friends can join your team or join a team through the invitation link which your friends send to you. A team consists of no more than 6 teammates. And then you can earn stars by doing tasks. The tasks will be included basic tasks like check-in, sharing promotion pages as well as browsing other events and daily mystery tasks that differ day after day. If your team earns enough stars, it will unlock lucky draw rounds and can join the Black Friday $1,000,000 Carve Up. The more stars your team earns, the more prizes and bonuses you get. Now join the game to carve up $1000000 Bonuses by checking here.

Besides these two big discounting benefits, there are more category deals and other big discount benefits which you’ll impulsively grab. To make the discounting benefits for everyone, Banggood has stepped things up for Black Friday 2019 with upgrading discounting rates and ways. Now let me show them for you.

$3000000 Coupon Rain

Besides the full reduction offer of $60-$6, what you should pay more attention to is the 3000000 coupon rain from which you can get big site-wide coupons that will go up to 10% and the coupons for category deals that will be going up to 55% off. The coupon rain will be available from 16:00 of November 22nd to 13:00 of November 30th (UTC+8). And to make it easier for you, we have offered its schedule: 4 rounds (10:00 16:00 22:00,04:00) every day will run from 16:00 of November 22nd to 10:00 of November 27th and 8 rounds(01:00,04:00,07:00,10:00,13:00,16:00,19:00,22:00) will be available per day from 16:00 of November 27th to 13:00 of November 30th. To remind you warmly, before you join the coupon rain, you should log in to Banggood account and each round will be offered for 20s so you should try to grab as many as you can during the time. Do not miss it to make more savings during the Sale.

Super Tech Deals

We live in an era of rapid technological renewal. There is no reason for us to reject to update your electronics or to enjoy the great experience using the latest tech by spending little budget. Banggood Black Friday Sale features the super tech deals in which a great discounting rate will be available. Once you order any item here, you can get $100 coupons to finish the order. For example, if you buy Xiaomi mi 9 lite smartphone that is sold at $314 in the normal time, you can get them only at $214 by using the coupons during the warm-up sale. Here I have to remind warmly that coupons for the products are limited in quantity. Only 5pcs will be offered. If any that you prefer, you’d better order it quickly.

And during the warm-up sale, flash deals will be available for the best-sale products from Banggood partner brands like Xiaomi and Blitzwolf. For example, here you can be able to get a UMIDIGI A5 Pro smartphone at an unprecedented discounted price. And not to mention, more amazing items will be offered here. You can check here to know more about them.

And the super tech deals during the Black Friday Sale also feature new launches in which you get the latest tech products with great discounts. For example, OnePlus 7T smartphoneUlefone Armor 7 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 will be offered at only $499.99, $369.99 and $169.99 respectively. And to our surprise, when the blowout sale comes, the greatest discounts will be given to you. So do not miss it.

Fashion Online Shopping 

Wanting to update your fashion accessories? If you do, now it is time for you to update all of your fashion accessories with pennies. During the Black Friday Sale, Banggood has offered great discounting rates for fashion items which you’ll impulsively buy to give as gifts or keep for yourself. Not to mention, $0.01 Limited Purchase are available. It means you can almost get a good product for free. For example, OUKITEL W2 which serves at a discounted price of $29.99 is available only at $0.01 for you. However, each product here is limited to be only 50pcs. Once it is snatched out, the deal will be over. So, you should pay more attention to it.

Besides, the fashion deal will feature a Group Buying event in which you can get the hot-sale products at a great discount. Xiaomi SOOCAS Nose Hair Trimmer Eyebrow Clipper that can provide you with the mild care is available for you only at $6.99 after given a group-buying discount. More wonderful products like Minleaf ML-ES1 Electric Shaver will be offered here. Do not miss it.

In addition to the group-buying event, a 50% off offer will be available. Here all the products will be offered at 50% off. Worth to notice, most of the products here are top-sale ones on Banggood site. For example, you can find the Original Xiaomi Mijia T100 White Mi Smart Electric Toothbrush, which has professional high-frequency vibration so it can clean your teeth effectively. It will be served to you for only $7.5 after given 50% off. For more information about them, please check here.

RC Toy Sale

There no better time than Black Friday Sale to grab your favourite RC toys because there will be the enticing discounts that can allow you to buy the desired one although you just prepare a little budget for it. For example, during the warming up period, once you place an order which amounts to $400, you can get a gift that is valued at more than $250. For example, the gift will go like Eachine LAL5 FPV Racing Drone. Besides, as long as you place an order which amounts to $200, you can get a gift like Eachine EV800D FPV Goggles that is valued at over $100. To remind you warmly, each gift is limited to only 50pcs. First come and first serve. If any that you are interested in, you should try to grab it quickly in case of losing the best chance to get a gift. Besides, 50% off coupons are available for you but they are limited in quantities. So if you are planning to buy RC toys, now check here to know more.

Tools & Electronics Deals

Do you want to get a gift? Now check the great deals offered in Tools & Electronics. From November, 18th to November 21, once you place an order that is amount to $39 can join the lucky draw in which you may be lucky enough to get an H96 MAX RK3318 TV Box that is valued at $54.99. On November, 22nd, 20 users will be randomly chosen as the winners to win the gifts. So, if you are planning to update your electronics, it is time for you to do that. Besides, there are bunches of coupon deals in which unprecedented big discounts will be available. Now check here to know more about them.

Home & Outdoor Sale

Do you want to update your home appliances or are you looking for outdoor equipment to prepare your outdoor activity during this Season? Here comes good news that many hot-sale products offered by Banggood partner brands like Xiaomi, Digoo and Blitz wolf will be offered a great discount of 50% off every day during the Sale. For example, Digoo DG-MX10 Waterproof Wireless TWS Bluetooth Speaker comes with the best sound quality and IPX7 waterproof protection can provide you with the best experience for listening to music. Such a product will be only offered at only $6.9. Moreover, big coupons for Banggood valued brands like YEELIGHT,XANES and NEXTDRIVE will be offered for you to grab the product you desired. Now check here to get them.

Influencer Show

Besides the big discounting offers mentioned above, a special activity called “Influencer Show” will be offered from November 12th to November 30th. Amazingly, here you can win the chance to get free orders by watching reviews which are mostly about the latest tech products. That means you can not only watch a review to know more details about the products but also you can be able to get it free. More than that, when you watch the influencer show, bunches of 50% off coupons will be released. Coupons are limited For more information about this benefit, please check here.

Banggood, one of the most favourite of people in the world, year after year continues to offer massive mad discounts and deals for you. Now, the Banggood Black Friday Sale 2019 is going with lots of mouth-watering discounts that are considered as the biggest ever ones. Here you can get access to the hottest and best new products with the biggest discounts. So, it will be the best time for you to satisfy all of your shopping fantasies. And as the blowout stage approaches, more big discounts will come in waves. Do not miss it. The Banggood Black Friday is off to flying start, with the biggest benefits like $300000 cash back and $100000 bonuses. Just in case you miss anything important about it, we advise you to check it here now.


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