Banggood 13th Anniversary: Greatest Discount Release and Free Gifts

Banggood 13th Anniversary: Greatest Discount Release and Free Gifts


Banggood is celebrating its 13th anniversary by launching a grand sale that takes place between the dates 27th August to 18th September 2019. As we know, a series of discounts has been shown for the warm-up sale of the anniversary event which began on 27th August. This also brought unprecedented high sale volumes since the beginning of the Sale. We expect to see the Blowout stage (9th to 12th September) of the anniversary. This will be the most important stage, this will be the period with the biggest discounts. Now the countdown to this important stage has begun and with only 5 days left to the mouth-watering blowout stage of the Bangood’s 13th anniversary sale, it will be a landslide of amazing deals all for you to grab.

Massive Blowout sale discounts you should not miss

As the previous Banggood anniversary sales show, the discount rate Banggood offers never disappoints you. At the very beginning of Banggood 13th anniversary, Banggood firstly amazed us with the big giveaway activity “Team & Win: to share 10000 bonuses” and many people have joined it due to the mouth-watering bonuses. Until now, the number of people who join the activity has reached more 800,000. It’s important to repeat that the rules of the game are that the more people there are in your team, the more bonuses your team can win which can allow everyone to become top winners of the game. Worth to notice is that the participants who are registered to be a member of Banggood can also get double new user benefits. So just join us and try to win the top benefits.

Apart from these irresistible and amazing promotion benefits, there are more breath-taking discounts from category deals during this important stage of Banggood anniversary, giving you a second amazing surprise. So please do not miss any of the following information as it may be the last opportunity to benefit the most from this grand anniversary sale.

Super Tech Deal Collection

Do you want to be the first one to enjoy the great experience using the latest tech? Do you want to get all your new electronics at the lowest prices? If you do the Super Tech Deal will the best thing for you, some of the new arrivals in our electronics section are going to be available and will surprisingly they are offered as giveaway prices, great news for you. We also have the snap up special for the anniversary will include hot sale products from top brands like Xiaomi and Chuwi. Let’s take a look at some of them and you will find how they are cheaper than ever before.

Xiaomi Mi Play Global Version

This awesome smartphone comes with a dual-camera of 12MP and 2MP which can promise you an extraordinary photography experience. If you like to take photos, it’s now the time to grab one for yourself and put in your pocket. It will be sold at only $69.99 during the period of the blowout sale, so there is no better time.

Original Box CHUWI Hi9 Plus Version

If you want to get a wonderful tablet with good performance, this beautiful tablet will be a great choice for you. It comes in the super combination of fast running and large storage and upgrading Android 8.0, which allows you to have the best user experience. This device is usually sold for $214.99 but during the anniversary, it will be sold for $109.99.

Xiaomi Redmi 7A Global Version

Are you seeking for a smartphone which comes with large capacity? Xiaomi Redmi 7A is something you would not want to miss. It is a fascinating smartphone with 4000mAh battery capacity that can support up to 17 days of standby time. During the anniversary sale, it will go for only $49.9.

Toys Hobbies & Robot Sale

Come on all the RC toy enthusiasts, take a closer look over here! Here comes a great opportunity for you to purchase one of these awesome gadgets for yourself for the lowest possible prices. During the blowout period, all these gadgets will be offered at a great discounted price. For example, big coupons (up to 50% off) and $0.1 Snap Up are sure to be available. More than that, the flash deal is the top-recommended deal for you because the products in the flash deal are the hot sale ones from Banggood partner brands. For instance, you can get an Eachine EV800D only at $88.99.

We can also say some Bangood partner brands like Xiaomi, EMAX, and Frsky which built a solid partnership with Banggood are going to make upgrades in their product service to make their customers benefits by offering many more discounted deals in hot sale products. For example:

Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE RC drone

This drone comes with a 4k camera and professional image processors, which can allow you to capture the moments in high quality. It will be a great gift for your friends. In the sale, it decreased by $190 so the product will only be available for $409.

FrSky ACCST Taranis Q X7 Transmitter

This is another impressive drone receiver with Real-time Flight Data Logging which brings you to the best user experience. If you desire for it for a long time, it will be the greatest chance for you to buy it as its discounted price is only $95, which is cheaper than ever before.

EMAX Tinyhawk RC drone

Do you want a budget drone for beginners? This RC drone is the first choice for you. It is the ultimate micro outdoor racing drone designed for beginners to enjoy the flying experience. The normal price is $119.99 and the discounted price is $94.49.

Autumn Fashion Trends deal 

Autumn is here and it is time for you to change your wardrobe. Banggood 13th anniversary is a good chance to get great discounts, so you can buy trendy clothes for only pennies. For instance:

  1. Free order: the more you order, the more chances you can get an order for free. It is worth noting that there are 50pcs are available for grabs.
  2. Big coupons: In this deal, you will be given $300-$100 worth of coupon to be used in the Autumn Fashion Trends. However there are only 50pcs available, so hurry to get yours.
  3. Half Price Snap Up for hot products: In this deal products from respectable brands will be slashed to half its normal price and even better. For example, Xiaomi Soocas SO WHITE Sonic Electric Toothbrush with a minimalist designed comes at only $8.99.

Home & Outdoor

Hoping for a smart home experience without paying too much? Seeking for professional equipment for outdoor activities and sporting occasions? If you do, please go to the blowout sale of Banggood 13th anniversary in which household devices and smart devices will be sold at very low rates. There will also be big coupons but they are limited in number so do not miss it.

Below are some hot products that will be featuring in this deal:

Dreams V9 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Tired of cleaning your house traditionally? This powerful cordless handheld vacuum cleaner can help you out of tradition and brings you to the smart way to clean. It comes in 100000 rpm brushless motor and 2000Pa wind pressure, which can help to clean your house completely. And it will be sold at a discounted price of $169.99. There are however only 50pcs are available, so the earlier you go for yours, the better.

XIAOMI Mijia IP Camera

Still worried about your home security? XIAOMI Mijia IP Camera comes with AI Humanoid Detection and HD Panoramic Night Vision can take your home and your family throughout the day.  Such an amazing device will be sold at only $24.99. However, there are only 100 pcs are up for grabs so do not miss.

Convoy M3 XHP70.2 4300LM High Lumen Flashlight

This awesome flashlight is one of the good choices for someone who likes outdoor activities. It comes in built-in temperature protection and powerful flashlight which are essential professional equipment for outdoor activity enthusiasts. During this sales, you stand a chance to get a gift which is valued at $20.

Tools & Electronics

For craftsmen, repairmen and other people who are interested in DIY electronics, the amazing Tools & Electronics deal may be the top deal for you Here you can buy the best seller, Xiaomi ZAJIA sink Faucet with only $0.99 at the Snap up deals. And in the Snap up, much more electronics from brands like Xiaomi and iMars are available at only $0.99. Please do not miss it. Besides, there will be more discounts and big coupons( Extra 10% off coupon) for this sale. For more discounts, please pay more attention to our blowout period of Banggood 13th Anniversary.


It is a great opportunity for you to bring all your shopping fantasies into reality. Do not miss out on these fantastic offers that Banggood is bringing your way, as it will be your highest chance for you to buy what you want at the lowest price that you can ever imagine. More than that,once your order amount is $99 or more than $99 during the dates 9th September to 12th September 2019,  your can get $2 off.

There are much more enticing discounts that will be available during the Banggood’s 13th anniversary sale.For further inquiries and clarifications, please check here.




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