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15 All Best New Features in Android 9 Pie

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The newest version of Android is called Pie. This ninth major update comes with a new user interface. While Android Oreo focused on under-the-hood changes, Android 9 Pie offers a ton of user-facing features and UI changes. It is one of the most ambitious projects of Google that helps to provide users a better android experience by learning from its users. Here are the best features of Android 9 Pie that you should not overlook.

  1. New Material Design

Android Pie has got a new look with slightly rounded corners on notifications. There’s a quick setting pane with an all-new material design.

  1. Gesture Navigation

Android has added a new gesture-based navigation system. This intuitive navigation lets you easily switch between apps and gets things more naturally by using gestures.

  1. Adaptive battery life and brightness

Android Pie aims to offer a consistent battery life to the device. Adaptive battery goes by learning about the apps and services you use most often and then adjusts accordingly. The automatic brightness feature has also got an upgrade. Your device learns about the brightness level and adjusts automatically.

Android 9 Pie

  1. Helpful Accessibility Menu

Google has added a new Accessibility Menu to Android Pie. When you enable it, it gets its own icon in the bottom navigation bar. It provides easy to reach shortcuts for doing activities such as triggering Google Assistant, pulling down quick settings, taking screenshots and lots more.

  1. New Lockdown Mode

You can enable security-focused button called Lockdown Mode. It temporarily blocks fingerprint and face authentication on the lock screen. It hides all your current notifications and requires a passcode or patterns to unlock the phone.

  1. Automatic Shut Off of Mobile Hot Spot

When no devices are connected, the mobile hot spot turns off, saving your device’s battery.

  1. Quick Rotation

In Android Pie, a new quick rotation toggle shows up in the top right corner of the screen when using landscape orientation. Just tap it and the screen will rotate. Select it once again and go back to the portrait mode.

Android 9 Pie

  1. Magnifying Glass

With Android Pie, you also got a magnifying glass that appears above the text to let you better read the sentences.

  1. Slices

Slices let you jump easily to certain actions in gaps and bring relevant parts of your apps to the surface.

  1. New Screenshot Tool

A new screenshot tool lets you edit or delete screenshot immediately. You can tap either option on the notifications that display after taking screenshot.

  1. Message Previews

Notifications now show up in form of images as well in the notification preview instead of just text.

  1. Special Focus on Volume Controls

To adjust media volume when media is not playing, you need to tap the arrow down. But with Android Pie, volume controls have become much easier. Now, when you hit either the volume up or down button on the side of your device running Android Pie, you will see the volume box pop up on the right side of the screen. Media will be the sound to adjust. Just tap on the note symbol to mute or unmute it.  There’s a Calls toggle that rotates between Calls, Vibrate and Mute.

Android 9 Pie

  1. Digital Wellbeing

This feature is currently available in beta version. It is an initiative by Google to help you track your phone usage. So, you can actually find out how much time you spend on your phone. Exciting!

  1. App Actions

App Actions is a useful feature that predicts what you are about to do. Google explains this feature with an example. Suppose you are connecting the headphones, this feature will show the playlist that you were listening earlier.

  1. App Limits

Last but not the least; Android Pie comes with App Limits feature. It allows you to set time limits for apps such as 10 minutes and will alert you when you are about to reach that limit.

Are you excited about the newly added features in Android Pie? Which is your favorite one? Let us know your views in the comments.


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