Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3





  • Lightweight.
  • Premium Design.
  • Bright Display.
  • Good Battery Life.
  • Thin.


  • Expensive.

In one of its campaign, Samsung has correctly said that it’s a whole new world with Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. This attractive tablet from the worldwide Smartphone provider is slimmer, narrower and come with a thinner bezel. It also offers an unbelievable grip for simple use while you are on the go. Separately from the above-mention features, it is lighter also; though, the best part is that it does not really skimp on the presentation. In fact, Tab 3 features a great dual core processor and dual camera. It brings with it many more apps from both Google and Samsung, and free 50 GB value of Drop box storage.

The features prove that it cannot get improved than that. However, when it comes to Samsung, we cannot be expecting the normal! Basic features of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 are mentioned below:

Best Hand Grip

This amazing widget is slimmer for a easy fit in the hand. The instant you grasp this gadget in your arms, you are sure to feel safe that it will fit and you do not need to worry about its big size. New Galaxy Tab 3 is a better fit and its thinner bezel make sure that you get to touch more screen and operate your widget according to your benefit.

Powerful Usability

A helpful device that come with new technology, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 does not shy away from the power. The widget is ready with a 1.2 GHZ Dual Core Processor and it handle any task you ask it to execute smoothly, fast and expertly. This tab also lets you enjoy the convenience of two cameras (3 MP/1.3MP) for video discussion, taking life-like shots and even completely frame images of yourself. This device also makes web browsing easy, very quick and reliable with many channel-bonding connections. Total Multimedia Service

It is not wrong to say that this attractive gadget is a source of unlimited entertainment. Video Hub is your personal video store with 1000+ titles. The attractive part is that there is totally no wait time during progressive download, which means that you may enjoy the video content right away. To enhance your convenience and improve approval, this gadget also provide a full music store loaded with a range of tunes. Its game hub is one more perk, which make this phone value purchase.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is absolutely a tab to believe for everyone who likes to use attractive features and slim tab models. So go for tab 3 this year.

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