Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha


Samsung Galaxy Alpha





  • Beautiful Design.
  • Lightweight And Slim.
  • Easy One-Hand Use.
  • Excellent Picture Quality.
  • Good Camera.


  • Fierce Competition.

Samsung has always been on the upgrading line, ensuring that they remain at the top in the mobile market competition. The recent upgrade that Samsung has made to its note series looks diminutive, but they are important upgrades especially to those who are familiar with mobile technologies. The galaxy alpha is one of the mobile technology that Samsung has really done a great job on, which is why it is popularly regarded as Samsung’s most beautiful phone.

Moreover, the Samsung galaxy is a terrific, thin, and light mobile device with a metal frame around the edge part. The sheen from the polished edge parts makes the device looks extraordinary. With the super AMOLED display, the Samsung galaxy alpha makes all the difference with a great first impression when switched on. There are some devices which looks great when on expedition, or in press photos rather than in reality. But the galaxy alpha is completely different, the impressive view of it in a press photo is the same impressive look in reality, which is absolutely good looking.

The galaxy alpha is a device that needs to be seen in person, so that the description here wouldn’t sound exaggerating. Everything about the device seems to be in appropriate proportion, with the 4.7 inch screen size rightly fixed. The phone is light, portable, and allows one- handed use which feels good in the hand of any user.

However, anyone who don’t enjoy operating mobile devices using both hands shouldn’t feel bad anymore, because the galaxy alpha is available to make you feel better. The Samsung galaxy alpha is being compared to the iPhone 5S in terms of physical quality, which shows that the device is actually a delight. It might not be perfect, or be the best overall Samsung phone, but it’s the most beautiful.

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