Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520


Nokia Lumia 1520





  • Beautiful, Big Display.
  • Impressive Performance.
  • Good Camera.
  • Premium Look.
  • Nice Battery.


  • One-Hand Operation Difficult.

When the new Nokia Lumia arrived, it was a delight to users who enjoys using windows phone. With other windows phones having a display screen of between 4 to 4.8 inches, the Nokia Lumia 1520 touch screen display is 6 inches thereby have at least some that sets it apart from other windows phone. Also with other windows phones competing for a resolution of about 720p, the Nokia Lumia resolution is 1080p, this is one of the features that singles it out as the best among others.

However, the new Nokia Lumia 1520 is extraordinary that it makes other windows phone look small, and less special. The Nokia Lumia 1520 has a large body size that it is almost impossible to operate with a single hand. It feels sleek in the hand due to its 8.7mm thickness, and it is flatter than other lumia phones. If you are the type that appreciates big phones on the palm then the nokia1520 is the best phone you should be using. The display is arguably sharper than any other lumia window phones, it makes use of in plane switching technology which enables you to enjoy good viewing angles when sharing pictures, and also have clear visibility when it is sunny outside.

Although, the Nokia Lumia1520 camera might not be the best of the windows phone cameras, but it still produces 20 mega pix pictures. The camera is absolutely sharp, and well saturated; it has a focus flash which helps to gain the right focus in low light. The new Nokia Lumia boast the best battery life you will find in a windows phone, the battery cell power capacity is about 75% larger than any other best battery. It also has enough internal space of 32GB to contain excess application you wish to install, besides the internal space; it is also compatible with microSD cards for external memory use. It doesn’t matter the kind, or format of application you want to use, it has the ability to handle anything you put into it.

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