Lenovo Y50-70

Lenovo Y50-70


Lenovo Y50-70





  • Excellent Performance.
  • Solid Battery Life.
  • Fantastic 4K Ultra HD Display.
  • Spacious Keyboard Layout.
  • Portable Chassis Design.


  • Slow HDD.
  • Runs Hot While Gaming.

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Weighing 5.6 pounds and measuring 15.23 * 0.37 * 0.9 inches, the Y50-70 Touch is on the heavier side of the spectrum. It’s a full pound heavier than the Maingear Pulse 15 (4.6 pounds, 15.4 * 10.5 * 0.75 inches). The Razer Blade 14 (13.6 * 9.3 * 0.7 inches) is even lighter, at 4.4 pounds. The Y50-70 Touch is nowhere as heavy or thick as the Gigabyte P25X, which is 6.2 pounds and 15.43 * 10.35 * 1.51 inches.


When I review the original Y50, I suggested springing for the Ultra HD edition. Not so much now. The Y50-70 gets bumped up from a non touch 1920 * 1080p display to a 3840 * 2160p touch panel. though, the top resolution did not translate into the bright, vivacious vistas I had hoped for. Instead, the display was darker than I expected, casting a shadow over what should have been rich, deep color.

The laptop measured a dim 190 nits, which is far below the 289-nit mainstream average. At 219 nits, the P25X wasn’t much brighter, but the Blade 14 and Pulse 15 lit up the room, at 260 and 289 nits, respectively.

When I compared the Y50-70 Touch to the Pulse 15, the Lenovo missed the mark at every turn. The picture was much darker on the Y50-70 Touch, to the point where Matthew McConaughey’s skin in the Interstellar 4K trailer looked more orange than bronze.

This is a best buy for gaming lovers, and I must say its fulfill all of your requirements for a home PC.


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