Flipkart Billion Power Banks

Flipkart Billion Power Banks


Flipkart Billion Power Banks

Starts at ₹799




  • Good Performance.
  • Premium Built.
  • Comfortable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Value For Money.


  • Charging Cable Cord Length Is Small.

Billion is the Made for India brand by Flipkart and has now launched its range of Power Banks in the country. These are 10000mAh and 15000mAh power banks and are priced at ₹799/- and ₹999/- respectively. They are available for purchase exclusively on Flipkart in Black, Rose Gold and Copper color variants. Here are the details about them:

Flipkart Billion Power BanksMagnificent Performance

Both power banks are Li-ion batteries which are touted as “A+ grade”. Thanks to the 5V/2.1A USB out ports, these are capable of charging twice as fast as regular 5V/1A power banks. Both models feature multiple USB ports. According to the company, the battery packs available on the power banks lose less than three to four percent of charge when remain idle for a month. These are also rated for up to 500 charge/discharge cycles.

Flipkart Billion Power Banks


The 10000mAh Billion RapidCharge power banks come with three USB ports while the 15000mAh Billion HiEnergy banks have two USB ports.  These sport an LED torch and have a battery-level indicator as well.

Safe and Lightweight

In terms of safety, Flipkart Billion power banks include seven-way safety features. These cover under-voltage and over-voltage protection in addition to built-in temperature and short-circuit protection. These new power banks by Flipkart are about 13% lighter than popular top-selling power banks available in the market today.

A quick look at specifications of Flipkart Billion power banks:

Specifications 10000mAh 15000mAh
Dimensions Width 62 mm

Height 139 mm

Depth 21.6 mm

Width 69 mm

Height 160 mm

Depth 23 mm

Weight 260g 320g
Number of output ports 3 2
Power supply 5V / 2A 5V / 2A
LED Torch Yes Yes
Battery Level indicator Yes Yes
Price ₹799/- ₹999/-
Available at Flipkart Buy Button Flipkart Buy Button

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