Dell XPS13

Dell XPS13


Dell XPS13





  • One Of The Best Laptops.
  • Great Configurations.
  • Ultraportable.
  • Amazing Build Quality.
  • Many Options.


  • Touchpad Could Be Better.

The Dell XPS 13 has emerged with an excellent ultra-fast performance. It is a Microsoft signature edition laptop with power packed features that gives you a computing experience that is clean, fast, and full of quality. It is designed to be smaller, thinner, lighter, and portable for easy usage, also with a 13inch display which can be likened to an 11inch notebook. It works with a quad-HD touch screen which gives displays such as vivid red, deep black, pure whites, and Lucius green, all these colors looks gorgeous on sight. The dell XPS screen resolution is said to the same as that of the yoga 3. During the display test, the dell XPS fared well, with brightness of 295 nits which is higher that the elite book with 224 nit, but lower than that of the yoga 3 which is 318 nits.

The ultimate ultraportable dell XPS 13 is designed in such a way that both the lid and the bottom are covered with aluminum and the keyboard deck is made of carbon fiber which gives users a better typing experience. Other interesting features include free anti-virus software that never expires which gives the system an all-round protection. The two sided mounted speakers produces a quality sound that is loud, the sound clarity is 100% even from 23 inches away.

The dell XPS 13 comes with an SD card slot which is rarely seen in other laptops. It has two USB ports, a mini display port, and a headphone jack. There is a change in the position of the web cam; it is moved from the normal top middle to the lower-left corner. This might not be too pleasing, but it distinguishes it from other laptops out there. Dell XPS 13 functions with a powerful fourth generation Intel core i5 processor which is responsible for its wonderful and fast performance.

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