Asus Vivo Tab Note 8

Asus Vivo Tab Note 8


Asus Vivo Tab Note 8





  • Great Look.
  • microSD Card Support.
  • Good Battery.
  • Lightweight.
  • Stylus Pen.


  • Touch Does Not Work Occasionally.

This window tablet is among the very best of window tablet out there in the market with delectable features that distinguishes it from the rest of other tablets available.  The compact windows slate looks great and it performs exceptionally well. The new Asus vivo tab note 8 comes with a distinguishing style, and also with a compartment that it can be stored in. Asus vivo tab 8 is designed to be carried in a portrait position due to the height of the screen. It is slightly thicker, and heavier than it other counterparts.

However, what amazes most is the external storage capacity that it can comfortably carry in which other tabs like the dell and Lenovo tablets cannot handle. The micro SD slot can handle cards up to 64GB which gives the ability to increase storage from 32GB upward. Besides the storage, it comes with a sophisticated front and rear cameras. The rear camera has a 5 mega pix resolution combined with cyber link youCam software. The images, and videos produce from the rear camera of this window tablet is always great provided there is good lighting. The front camera, which can also serve as a webcam has 1.3 mega pix resolution which performs well and gives good images and videos.

The screen quality is another feature that stands it out from others. Knowing that the screen display of devices is more of the things that enables tablet users to make the right choice of what they actually want. With the quality screen thickness, and the display of the Asus vivo tab note 8, you wouldn’t have much stress picking your right choice. The resolution of the screen is high enough for comfort, a higher screen resolution that what it has now will create some dislikes.

The Asus vivo tab 8 comes with a Wacom digitizer light pen called stylus. The stylus supports up to 1,024 pressure sensitive levels which determines the thickness of the strokes on the screen according to the pressure the user applies when using the stylus. The power performance of the Asus vivo tab 8 is awesome, with an amazing unplugged run time of about 10 hours. This qualifies it as the best windows tablet power performance.


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