Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air


Apple MacBook Air





  • Lightweight And Thin.
  • Full Size Keyboard.
  • Great Brand.
  • Good Battery.
  • Bright Display.


  • No Built-In Ethernet Port.
  • Non-Removable Battery.

Now a day’s laptops are being replaced with traditional computers because of its mobile use. So Apple MacBook Air laptop has gain grand reputation between the other laptops available in the market. It is solid and light sufficient to carry along. The laptop integrates most of the typical component that a traditional desktop computer has including keyboard, display, pointing device, touchpad and speaker.

There are many reports in the market in the recent years about the performance of apple products are. They have a range of gadgets lined up in the market. MacBook Air is one of the best laptop Apple has ever launched as it poses some features that you forever would want to guarantee for. The MacBook air MD711HN/A run with OS X operating system and has an installed chip of Core-i5 1.3 GHz processor, these motherboard and processor are particularly designed with a micro that reduce the width of the laptop. The air has 11.6 inch LCD screen which is backlit using LEDs. With 4GB RAM, wireless Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac, lithium polymer battery and with 128GB flash storage space SSD. It is 2.4lbs in weight; therefore this gadget is enormously travel-friendly. It is one of the thinnest of all other models of MacBook air laptops; this gives it a stylish blow on the people.

The Apple laptops are one of the best branded laptops in the world. Especially MacBook air laptops are more fashionable as it comes with grand hardware and user friendly life. Apple tends to launch grand quality and design laptops and other gadgets. It one of the most benefit is its Mac operating system which is the best and it never crashes like normal windows computer. Apple serves you with a range of advantages with their products over the traditional PCs. These laptops are very much user friendly and has the features that you would not be able to find in traditional computers.

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