Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6


Apple iPhone 6





  • Thin, Sleek, Lightweight Designs.
  • Touch ID.
  • 128 GB Internal Storage.
  • 4G/LTE Support.
  • Solid Battery Life.


  • Slick Finish And Rounded Edges Make These Models Particularly Easy To Drop.
  • Slower Than Newer iPhone Models.

At the yearly fall of September 2012 Apple introduce iPhone 6 that was the hottest at that time. For successful use of any device it is required learning about the features of the device in question.

When the Apple iPhone 6 was introduced in September by the leading smart phone company it directly caught the notice of the buyers all over the globe. However for best use of any device it is required learning about the features it has and this saying also applies to the new smart phone introduced by Apple, one of the leading companies dealing with such devices.

Difference of iPhone 6

Many differences are there in the iPhone 6 like the color statements, long permanent and efficient battery, and smart features and over all the difference in prices that is a major concern for any of the users. There are many better features in the smart phone.

They have larger screens of 4 inches in sharp contrast to the standard 3.5 inches that were common in the Apple iPhones.

The 6 model is also taller at 123.8 mm in comparison to the average 115.2 mm in its previous versions.

Display feature is 1136 * 640 * 326 PPI display with an aspect ratio of 16:9.In comparison to iPhone 4 and 5 models, the 6 model is not only thinner by 45% but also is lighter by around 3.6 ounces. The device come in black or white color and has an aluminum back panel.

Using the Ports

The new phone has thirty pin dock connectors and this accommodate the new Apple plug named the lightning. To use the external features and devices as well for the multimedia uses the device comes up very handy. Equally the user can resort to the 30 pin adapter that is offered on payment of a few extra bucks. The device is also very fast that provide the user with faster pictures, improved stabilities as well as instant view mode. These features were also there in the predecessor 5 model but come with finer tunings.

An extra feature is that iPhone 6 supports LTE networks that were not earlier supported on the Apple devices. The device supports the earlier partners like Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T and it gives them added reach and their customer database gets considerably inflated in the effect. This device also have high-quality Display feature that is support 1136 * 640 * 326 PPI display with a facet ratio of 16:9. In any case, only by expressive the features that the iPhone supports can one make the greatest use of iPhone 6.


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