Apple iPad mini

Apple iPad Mini


Apple iPad Mini





  • Beautiful Build.
  • Bright HD Display.
  • Fast Processor.
  • Improved Wi-Fi Connectivity.
  • Good Color Options.


  • Not Easy To Hold With A Single Hand.

The most expected product by Apple after the iPhone 5 is the iPad Mini. Now behind the launch of this product there are news balanced in the technology marketplace about the product and its actual service.

The iPad mini is still available to buy but you must not mix up it with the new iPad mini 2 Retina which looks exactly the same but is more costly and has some significant improvements important developments over its predecessor.


The iPad mini 2 comes with a Retina display. This provides a much greater quality than the iPad mini. The screen size is same as iPad mini i.e. 7.9inch but is much sharper and brighter with 2048 * 1536 resolutions with 326 PPI; which is best screen in the tablet market. That’s not to say that the iPad mini’s screen is rubbish. In fact it’s decent. Movie and images look good, it’s when reading text that you’ll wish for a greater quality.


The iPad mini 2 comes with A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, while iPad mini has a% chip. The better chip set architecture will provide you better working experience.


The iPad mini has iPad 2’s A5 processor. It’s a little long but has no problem running apps. The iPad mini 2 comes with the same processor as the iPhone 5S, the 64-bit A7. You’ll find that 3D games offer more detail on the Retina screen of the iPad mini 2.


iPad mini has only 16GB but iPad mini 2 comes in 2 models one with 16GB and other with 32GB, which give you more capacity to store more apps, videos and images.


The iPad mini 2 has a little bit better front and rear camera. You’ll get better shots in lower light with it except the old iPad mini.

Battery life:

Both iPad mini’s last about the same period of time – 10 hours of constant use.


This is the other big difference between the iPad mini and the iPad mini 2. The original has dropped in price and costs ₹17,900/-. The iPad mini 2 Retina costs ₹21,900/- for the entry level 16GB Wi-Fi only model. If you only intend to use your iPad for light apps and browsing then the iPad mini should sufficient, but if you can afford the extra you won’t be disappointed by the stunning screen on the newer model.


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