Adonit Pixel Stylus

Adonit Pixel Stylus


Adonit Pixel Stylus





  • Works Excellently.
  • Good Precision.
  • Palm Rejection.
  • Great For Artists And Writers.
  • Ease Of Use.


  • Tough Competition From Apple Pencil.

Adonit Pixel StylusAdonit Pixel is the top-of-the-line stylus and comes with excellent pressure sensitivity. It is going to directly compete with Apple Pencil. This stylus is compatible with iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPhones. Let’s check out the details:

Natural Writing

This advanced stylus comes with unparalleled precision and 2048 level of pressure sensitivity. This offers users a natural writing and drawing experience. In addition, the new 1.9mm Pixel point tip provides increased accuracy. You can easily drag just like you do on a paper and enjoy writing your creations. It comes with amazing precision and responsiveness.

Adonit Pixel StylusProgrammable Buttons

With Adonit Pixel, you enjoy useful shortcut buttons. This offers you quick access to the most used tools. You can easily offset the corrections. The stylus features an aluminum body and has a nickel plated tip.

Palm Rejection

Adonit Pixel StylusThe useful feature of Adonit Pixel stylus is the palm rejection. You can rest your palm comfortably on the screen. This eliminates any unwanted marks. The stylus uses Bluetooth to connect to the device. It is powered by a rechargeable battery.


As far as the compatibility is concerned, the stylus works with most iPads. It is compatible with iPad 4, iPad Mini 1-4, iPad Pro, iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6S Plus, 6 Plus and iPad Air 1 and Air 2.

A quick look at specifications of Adonit Pixel Stylus:

Specifications Details
Length 150 mm
Diameter 10.5 mm
Weight 91 grams
Color Screen No
Tip 1.9mm Pixelpoint tip
Wireless Type Bluetooth
Auto Focus No
Programmable Buttons No
Battery Life 15 hours
Charging Time 1 hour
Colors Black, Bronze
Price ₹8,203/-
Available at

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